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Reviews of Kava

Kalm With Kava Fijian Loa Waka Instant Review

KWK Fiji Loa Waka Instant Kava

A Kava Vendor Who Cares So I got some of the good stuff from Kalm With Kava in the post today. I know from experience that Mike over at KWK cares about what he sells. I’ve never had a bad product from them. His commitment to his customers and guarantees of quality are definitely what …

The Kava Roots – Tongan Choice Review

kava roots tongan choice

Forgive the slapdash nature of this review. I wrote it while I was doing it so it’s more of a snapshot of the session. A very nice session, too! Amount: 3 heaped tablespoons to 2 glasses of water Prep: – squeezed and kneaded in my wife’s tights (haha – no, they’re brand new!) until oily …

Kava Stress Relief Candy Review

Kava Candies Review

Sarah, a close friend of mine was undergoing the most severe case of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome for the past few months. She wouldn’t sleep all night. Would doze away the entire day. Was lethargic, irritated, had involuntary muscle twitches. It was a nightmare coming off those pills. Having been a Kava user for a good …