Do Kava Tea Bags Work For Stress Relief?

Kava Tea Bags

I’ve been looking into kava tea bags to see what all the fuss was about. We know that the fresh root kava that is pressed, squeezed and drank in the Pacific Islands like Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu has anti-anxiety properties and is also supposed to be a good sleep aid so I wondered what all these “teas” on the market were like in comparison?

Kava Tea Bags
Do Kava Tea Bags Work?

I like a herbal tea in the evenings. Any caffeine-free tea like lemon and ginger or peppermint tea will relax me quite nicely before bed. I also find that these kinds of drinks are perfect for supplementing a good session on the kava as they are light and refreshing but also good for rehydrating which counters the diuretic effects of the kava. They also help take the edge off the taste when you’ve got that peppery taste adhering to the roof of your mouth, somewhat akin to a melon or pineapple palate cleanser.

There are some brands out there sold in health and natural remedy shops like Yogi Kava Tea that folks really rated but do they have the same kind of kavalactone (active ingredient) content as a freshly made shell of kava from the raw root? I was very sceptical but I thought I’d give it a try! I mean, surely these small tea bags cannot contain a lot of the active ingredient so why are they getting such great reviews on places like the Amazon store?

People have been raving about the Yogi Tea Bags for ages and they claim to be helpful with many ailments if you read the reviews. Not only stress and anxiety relief but also everything from stomach cramps and IBS to helping acne, belly fat and sleeping problems. I really don’t know if this is more a placebo effect when people start seeing all these glowing reviews and claims or if there is something more to it.

Kavalactone Content of Kava Tea Bags

So I started digging into the claims and reviews deeper and into the amount of active ingredient there actually is in each Kava Tea Bag. It appears that amongst other herbal components such as cinnamon, ginger, stevia and sarsaparilla, the amount of kava included is from a blend of two sources. They claim 78mg of Kava Root Extract as well as 34mg of (not pure but 30%) kavalactones source. It’s difficult to establish exactly what they mean by this and there’s no mention of the chemotype, but assuredly, you’d be at the bottom end of the kind of dose you’d find in one shell of decent freshly made kava.

Now we all know that a person’s reaction to different amounts of kavalactones can differ from another and so I’m inclined to believe those reviews when they say they are feeling *some effect* from drinking the Yogi Kava Stress Relief tea. Personally, when I tasted it I didn’t particularly like the taste and was sceptical about any effects. Perhaps I felt the very slightest state of sedation, but I was already tired anyway.

That’s not to say that those that manage to get by on small doses of kava to help alleviate their stress or anxiety won’t get some value out of these kava tea bags. As a first step into kava I’d say give the tea bags a try. Also, if you’re looking for an alternative to kava because the taste is too much for you, they’re definitely worth a shot. You never know, they might contain just what you need to take that edge off.

The Best Way To Use Kava Tea Bags

Reading around the forums a bit, I picked up some tips from some that I would consider know their stuff and jive well with my own thoughts about getting the best out of kava tea bags. The most effective way of using these tea bags, and getting maximum kavalactone extraction out of them, would, in my opinion, be to use two or three in a cup of just under boiling water. There is some literature that suggests that boiling water may destroy kavalactones, but there is other anecdotal evidence that it aids it, so I would suggest experimenting.

However, in terms of kava tea bags and their effectiveness, if you’re not getting anything out of them that helps you, please don’t give up on kava altogether. It’s very possible that you will not be receiving even the minimum effective dose from these kava teabags. There’s simply no substitute for a cup of freshly brewed kava (plus there’s the matter of Kava reverse tolerance to consider if you’re new to kava) when it comes to releasing the full wonderful effects of kavalactones and the relief and calmness with mental clarity that they have brought to many.

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