Best Way To Make Kava With Video

Here’s a nice video about how to make a kava drink by straining and kneeding kava with water. This is probably the simplest and quickest way to prepare kava – and it yields the best results. Forget adding oil, lethicin and all that nonsense. Just go the natural route.

Video Transcript

ok I’m today I’m going to show you how to will make the kava drink with the medium coarse grind kava that you have to use a strainer for. i only use the knee highs stockings that you get at walmart little falls i think that costs like thirty or forty cents each and I double them up and put the one inside of the other like this I put the ground copper route inside here this is the ground cover here. i usually use about 2 to 3 tablespoons of keeping tablespoons like this per cup of water and i usually you usually will make them about 2 cups at a time so i have 2 cups right here and pour it in like aa ball you can use any ball basically we want to you know submerge this and just kind of here in Hawaii would call it lomi lomi lomi or massage kind of work out the often compromised it’s called it would call it over here in Hawaii. You can see it’s starting to come out here in the in the water and just kind of work it market working and in the beginning after you start it alone kind of feel you feel a little bit of the grip in there from the course fibers but then you feel kind of like this oily stuff and that’s the real fine powder that you’re trying to get out. So we keep working and usually this is this might take a little while you know a few minutes you want to keep the course fibers in and get all the real fine powder out it’s the course fibers that usually will cause a really strong effect, or maybe even a little bit of nausea because of the fiber. and then the high content of dihydric align and I hydro mystic in there in the fibers itself so that’s what kind of strain it like this keeping the horse fibers inside the strainer here and everything else comes out into the water you can start to feel the more of the course fibers and less of that the slippery oil feeling greasy feeling when you start to feel more fibers than anything else then you know that pretty much got most of it out can see the obvious starting to look like awful nice , dream here we just keep working if you have a really fine powder and it’s really hard to do this that’s why this is usually for the me and more coarse grind it’s not really for the micronized and definitely not for the instant okay i can start to feel more course Vipers than anything else now so this one is finished so what I do it lost to use this out and then this was the what we call the first wash now i’ll be making the second wash come over here into my second mole I have some more water for the water inside here and then we just do it all over again the first wash is going to be the more potent drink the second wash is still pretty good but it’s just not as potent as you can see there’s still some lava that we’re getting out of there that’s what you want to be able to use all the waste anything you can really feel the course Vipers in their mouth that’s a good sign that’s mean it means that we’ve got all the good stuff out we’re getting it home fine powder in the water and course fibers into the only state in the stocking inside the strainer and you can even do a third wash if you want to keep going until it’s clear if you want to usually I’ll do about to wash is sometimes three depending on that find the grind is some grinds are finer than others this looks like this about done squeeze it out and again if you wanted to you can you can do it here basically then we throw away the course fibers and we have our drinks here we have the nice first first watch and then we have the second watch some people actually combine the two and then just drink it like that but that’s totally up to you so this is how we prepare the medium grind column with a strainer and again to get my strainer for walmart use the knee high stockings double them up and it works really really good because it’s really good stalking it’s not like paint strainer you get from the hardware store where it allows a lot of the coarse particles to come through this is a lot finer so you get a finer better drink so i hope you enjoyed it thank you for watching

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  • Two comments:

    1) I am not sure that I can support the proposition that the kavalectones will be as fully extracted and absorbed by the body in a water only extraction as they will when some fat is added. At home, I use a about a teaspoon full of half-and-half and it makes a lot of difference in the noticeable effects. If I were your editor, I’d force you to back up your claims of equal or superior results.

    2) Along similar lines, I am convinced that in medium ground kava the ‘grit’ that’s small enough to make it through the weaker of the filter bag contains a substantial amount of the kava’s potency. If it feels like someone shook a pepper shaker over the bowl, then that’s a good thing. In Fiji I’ve seen powdered kava root used without a filter bag or cloth at all. The root was moistened slightly to make it “ball up” like a snowball, then the rest of the water was added and the snowball was kneeded and pressed in the water ‘naked’. At the end the snowball was used to ‘catch’ most of the ‘pepper’ — the whole mass stuck together when squeezed tightly. This leaves a lot more ‘pepper’ free in the kava than a filter bag or cloth will, and that’s a good thing. Those lady’s nylon stockings have a little too fine a weave so leave a lot of the potency stuck in the bag.

    All that said, you’re using a lot more kava powder per quart of water than I’ve seen used before. I use about three times more water per ounce of kava myself and it still numbs my mouth and affects my balance when I stand. I’m convinced that your kava is quite potent for that reason.

    My own method is to mix the kava with a small amount of water in a blender with a teaspoon of half-and-half, pour this into (through) the bag (sitting in the tanoa), then pour the he rest of the water into the blender first (blend to rinse) then through the kava in the bag. Finally, after thoroughly kneeling it, the bag is used like a sponge to ‘sop up’ water from the tanoa then squeezed from the bag into the cup. The ‘pepper’ sticks to the outside of the bag so I get the needed grit.

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