Kava Stress Relief Candy Review

Sarah, a close friend of mine was undergoing the most severe case of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome for the past few months.

She wouldn’t sleep all night. Would doze away the entire day. Was lethargic, irritated, had involuntary muscle twitches. It was a nightmare coming off those pills.

Having been a Kava user for a good part of my life, I tried to introduce her to a traditional brew to help ease her symptoms. But she explicitly stated that it smelt and tasted like mud.

Well, Kava root can have quite a repugnant taste, especially for the uninitiated.

Considering that pounding roots was out of the question, we experimented for a while with tea bags and other ways to introduce Kava into her routine. Nothing seemed to give the same effect as the brew to be honest.

But she wasn’t ready to sacrifice her taste buds in exchange for the most nirvanaesque clarity that she was going to be introduced to.

After much deliberation and a few hits and misses, we finally landed on the Kava Stress relief candy, a unique way to get your dose of Kava.

What is Kava Stress Relief Candy?

Of all the forms that I have used Kava in, this takes the cake.

Kava Candies Review
Kava Stress Relief Candies

This is a sweet orange-flavored Kava tablet that comes in an easy-to-use blister pack allowing you to pop one whenever you feel below the weather.

But that’s not what sets it apart.

The Kava Stress relief candy, which seemed to me like a gimmick at best, is actually a pretty good way to get your dose of Kava on the go. In simple terms, it works.

The Kava effect in the stress candy

Unlike traditionally brewed ‘fresh’ Kava, (I emphasize on Fresh because a lot of the Kava being peddled in the market is probably months old and stale) which starts to relax you by the time you have gulped the second sip, the Kava Stress relief candy has a slightly slower effect which is pretty good to be honest.

It starts with the numbness and the tingling sensation, which I consider a vote to the quality of the product. Anything with Kava will numb your tongue and lips.

This is followed by the typical warm and fuzzy feeling. You can start to feel the clarity in a few minutes after the second tablet is dissolved under your tongue. Oh, that’s how you use it by the way. Just place it under your tongue and let it get absorbed into the bloodstream.

It works perfectly for stress relief, reducing anxiety or just for getting that warm blanket on your mind that only Kava can give you, without knocking you out senseless.

How Sarah felt after using the candy

Sarah took an instant liking to the mild numbness. A lot of people get thrown off by this. But she actually said that it felt pretty good. (Thankfully)

After the second tablet had dissolved, she said she was feeling light and clear. Almost like all her worries had disappeared. For a moment, she wouldn’t accept that it was the Kava candy that was taking effect.

But within the next half an hour, it was very evident. She seemed chirpier than usual. Was talking more than what she had done in the past few weeks. She felt ‘peaceful’ in her own words.

This continued for a good three to four hours before the effect of the Kava Stress relief candy started to wear off a tad.

She popped a couple more an hour before bedtime and slept for 9 hours straight like a log without even stirring. The next morning, she was surprised that she felt better than she ever had. No drowsiness, hangover or anything even close.

I told her to go slow on the candy though. Didn’t want her to use these like she’d used the pills. So, this continued for a few weeks. A couple of Kava Kava candies each day and she was slowly able to wear off the agonizing symptoms that had left her a wreck.

What I liked about the Kava Stress Relief Candy

Apart from the taste, which is a blend of orange and milky vanilla, I loved the fact that the candy actually contains Kava. The actual percentage of Kavalactones is not known. But the manufacturers use 100% certified root only. Not a blend of leaves, stems and roots which is clearly an ineffective mix.

Also, it is hands down the most discreet way to get Kava. Think about how you’d manage to smuggle in Kava roots and a spice pounder to work. Even if you somehow achieve the impossible, think about how you’d brew it with your boss looking over your shoulder.

The Kava Stress relief candy takes the guesswork out of it. Just pop a pill or two in your mouth and let it melt under the tongue. If ever there was an easy way to use Kava, then this is it.

It is also incredibly easy to carry.

The effect is not potent enough to knock you off. It only gives you the precise amount of Kavalactones that let you relax making it perfect for use on-the-go. You get the stress relief and the relaxation that you seek without feeling trippy or stoned.

Would I recommend it?

Sarah is beaming as I write this. The Kava Stress relief Candy is a must try if you find the taste or the aftertaste of the conventional Kava brew unpalatable. Also, if you are looking for some instant stress relief at work, during travel or before a meeting, nothing beats this. Highly recommended.

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