The Kava Roots – Tongan Choice Review

Forgive the slapdash nature of this review. I wrote it while I was doing it so it’s more of a snapshot of the session. A very nice session, too!

kava roots tongan choice
Kava Roots – Seriously Good Tongan Kava!!

Amount: 3 heaped tablespoons to 2 glasses of water

Prep: – squeezed and kneaded in my wife’s tights (haha – no, they’re brand new!) until oily sheen stops being produced at the surface.

Smell of raw fine/medium grind root – peppery, fresh, light.

Smell of grog – as above, almost a hint of the sea? Something ozoney and exotic, seaweeds and beaches

Colour of grog once made light golden brown, sheeny, light brown rooty body

Chugged it back – 1st glass

Taste – smooth, pleasant, light, slight bitterness, for a trad prep medium grind squeeze this is strangely comparable to some of my favourite instants like BKH instant green, perhaps a bit more bitter.

Effects – instant mild numbing of mouth and down throat (mild and pleasant – not overpowering)

15 minutes

Euphoric heady buzz starts. Slight ear ringing, nothing alarming, like Christmas Jingle bells in the distance. Warm, cosy feeling of peace descending.

20 minutes

Some slight delay/distortion of vision, muscles relax, feeling of contentment, everything calm and serene, breathing slowing slightly, relaxed – no tension. Ear ringing seems to have dropped a tone to a lower note. Sharp awareness of sounds around me, the hum of the computer, everything peaceful.

25 minutes

More of above. Calm, feeling creative, can write (poorly), slight aversion to brightness of screen. I’d prefer to be on a tropical beach or outside where it’s all green but it’s UK winter at 00:43am so that’s not happening! The aurora would be good or the stars but it’s cloudy. Gout pain (both ankles last few days) all but forgotten! No worries, a slight tiredness is hitting me and I feel I will drift off well a little later.

30 minutes

Down the hatch with the second glass (Got to get me some shells!)

Bit thicker as had started to settle out of suspension but still tastes good. This IS good. Feels more potent from down where it had settled in the bowl. More numbing effect in mouth – tastes stronger than the initial glass. I guess gravity will account for some of that. Gravity has its benefits. Melting into the couch. Signing off. Peace.

A very nice Tongan – Paul over at Kava Roots knows his stuff! Check them out!

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